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We love our ponies as much as you do! Griffith Park Pony Rides has been in Griffith Park for over 70 years. Millions of Los Angeles children have visited us over these many decades. For most of these children it will be the only opportunity they will ever have to ride a horse. We provide wholesome family fun and put a smile on children’s faces during their day at the ponies.

But we also take very good care of our ponies. We go beyond the high standards of care you would expect of us, including:

  • We are regularly inspected and licensed by the L.A. Animal Regulation Department, L.A. County Health Department, and federal U.S.D.A.

  • We have two Veterinarians who maintain the health of our ponies.

  • We have a farrier who trims the ponies’ hooves once a week.

  • Our ponies always have access to plenty of fresh water both in the ring and in their corrals.

  • Our ponies are well fed with alfalfa and we supplement their diet with
    special senior supplements to ensure proper nutrition.


  • Our ponies do not work every day. They are rotated in three-day working cycles resting in between. When they work in the ring they average only about two hours of walking or trotting per day.

  • All of our animals are vaccinated annually.

  • Every pony is inspected daily by our staff to assure that they are healthy.

  • We never hit or abuse our ponies.

  • All ponies are kept under shade covering in the ring and in their corrals.

  • We have large clean corrals on the property which allow the ponies to run and play when not in the ring.

  • We wash and groom our ponies every day.

  • We retire our ponies when they are too old to work. We donate them to horse owners who seek a companion pony for their lonely horse, not to be ridden anymore.

  • When not working the ponies are kept in their large outdoor corrals to play and rest. We have even developed a special rubberized footing for our pony-go-round ponies.

  • We even have water misters installed in our riding ring to keep the ponies cool.


“My son loves horses. This was his first experience ever being able to ride and pony. He was nervous at first but after watching his big cousin and other kids ride, he loved being on the pony.”


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