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Our mascot Griff, is a miniature pony!

Griff's friends Itsy and Bitsy, the miniature goats, are also here to welcome you.

My name is Griff! I'm a pony here at the pony rides. I LOVE my job... I get to spend my time making children happy! I work short days and have several days a week off to play with my pony friends. I always have lots of water, and food is high on my list. I love to eat my alfalfa and get plenty of it! I have to watch my figure though, so I am not allowed human food. I am well taken care of. I get regular haircuts and sometimes have long hair to protect me from the cold. I get brushed and groomed every day and have my hooves trimmed regularly. I have my own doctor who takes care of me and gives me shots just like you. 

Click Below to Meet Our Riding Ponies!

When our ponies are ready to retire, we place them in good homes where they can spend their golden days getting lots of love and individual care. If you are interested in being a retirement home for one of our ponies, please send us an email.


My daughter loves this place shes always asking to go ride on "Phillip" one of the fastest ponies there. It's a great family time anytime we go.

— Sergio C.

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