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Griffith Park Pony Rides provides our retired ponies care for the rest of their lives. We are the only pony ride company that has a program of complete lifetime sanctuary care for our animals who are no longer able to work and cannot be rehomed. We devote space on our large acreage in Griffith Park to give complete care and compassionate treatment to our retired ponies. This care includes licensed veterinary care, nutritious feeding, farrier care and all of the other benefits that our working ponies receive, with the benefit of being able to live with their many friends they have known for years. They are able to spend their declining years with people who understand and care deeply about their welfare. This is a way of rewarding them for all the enjoyment they provided for the children of Los Angeles.

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Retired Animals


My daughter loves this place shes always asking to go ride on "Phillip" one of the fastest ponies there. It's a great family time anytime we go.

— Sergio C.

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